Sofia DiazInfants Lead Teacher

Mrs. Sofia is one of the most beloved members of our team! As one of our longest tenured teachers, Ms. Sofia loves teaching the babies (and only the babies!) With a Florida Professional Child Care Certificate and twelve years of experience, she most enjoys her time talking with the infants and using her knowledge to introduce them to the wonders of the world around them. Along with her husband J.C., she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Ailen, and her granddaughter, Lucia, and watch FC Barcelona (Go Leonel Messi!)

Ana Torres

Ana Torres de la CruzInfants Assistant Teacher

Ms. Ana hails from Holgin, Cuba, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. She has made Early Childhood Education her passion, and is currently pursuing her Florida Professional Child Care Certificate. Her favorite part about working with the infants is watching them learn something new every day. She is constantly surprised by how quickly the advance from one stage to the next! In her free time, she loves to bake, spend time with her three children, Carlos Roberto, Ramon Arturo, and Ana Cristina, and go on vacation to Georgia to visit her grandson, Daniel Alejandro!


Angela AgueroToddlers Lead Teacher

Mrs. Angela is originally from Central Havana, Cuba. Before moving to Miami, she studied Child Pedagogy in order to pursue her goal of becoming a teacher. After raising her two children, Heidy and Douglas, she pursued her goal by completing her Florida Child Care Professional Certificate and becoming a teacher. Ms. Angela loves working with the little ones and watching their eyes fill with wonder and amazement when they learn new things. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, Andres and Javier, random family barbeques, and resting!


Maria VasquezToddlers Assistant Teacher

Ms. Maria was born and raised in Chinandega, Nicaragua and spent time in California before moving to Miami. It was in California that she began pursuing a career as a preschool teacher, achieving a Child Care Associate Equivalent. Ms. Maria’s creativity abounds; in fact, one of her favorite pastimes is preparing crafts and activities for her students! She also enjoys her weekends with her grandchildren: Samantha, Alyssa, and Brandon.


Walkiria Baez PK2 Lead Teacher

Mrs. Walkiria was born and raised in Havana, Cuba, where she studied and received her Bachelor of Arts in History Education. Ms. Walkiria is truly a teacher who makes a difference in every classroom she steps into. Her favorite part about teaching is leaving an imprint on the lives of her students. Our resident poet, Ms. Walky loves reading novels, writing, watching historical and science fiction movies, and spending time with her son Jose David.


Evelyn Zulueta

Mrs. Evelyn is famous for her patience and tolerance with the children. She was born in Pinar del Rio, Cuba. She is the mother of a beautiful girl, Victoria and a handsome boy, Victor. On her free time she enjoys cooking, conversing, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves to see the progress that children in her care make throughout the year.


Chanel Perez

Mrs. Chanel is distinguished for loving each and every child as if it were her own. She is a proud mother to two beautiful daughters. On her spare time she likes to read, clean, and travel. She enjoys watching how children learn and loves the care they show her.


Celia BenitezMaintenance

Mrs. Celia is responsible for keeping our school so squeaky clean! Originally from Las Tunas, Cuba, Ms. Celia has found her home her at A Sunny Start Preschool. She feels that her position at her preschool combines her love of children with her passion for helping others. Outside of school, she loves reading novels and spending time with her daughters, Juliane and Yujailec, and her granddaughter, Victoria.


Happy boy lying on the grass

I’m happy to have found this place. The attention is the best. The teachers are the best. My children learn something new every day. I wholeheartedly say to you that every child that goes through this program comes out a winner!

Gladys M, Mom of Denisse and Daniela