Jennifer Vazquez, Owner and Administrator

Jennifer created A Sunny Start Preschool in 2012, dedicating her career to providing a loving, safe, and enjoyable experience to all of her students and their families. She is mother to her wonderful daughter, Natalie, and a godmother to four amazing kids! A perfectionist, Jennifer prides herself on paying a great deal of attention to the inner workings of her school. After completing her FCCPC, Jennifer has continued taking trainings and courses in order to stay up to date on the latest developments on education and technology in order to support the families and staff of A Sunny Start Preschool. When she isn’t busy working overtime at the preschool, she enjoys dancing, skiing, spearfishing, and going to the gym!


Kids holding apples

I’m happy to have found this place. The attention is the best. The teachers are the best. My children learn something new every day. I wholeheartedly say to you that every child that goes through this program comes out a winner!

Gladys M, Mom of Denisse and Daniela