Why Us

What Makes Us Different

  • We are held to more rigorous standards than your average child care center, based on the Apple Accreditation guidelines and Quality Counts standards
  • An Accelerated Academic Curriculum based on the latest research in child development coupled with tried and true traditional instruction
  • Daily Reports and Instant Photos: Our smartphone parent application is unique among the schools in our area, we are in constant contact with you about your child’s day.
  • Each classroom is equipped with iPad and iPad mini technology. PK3A, PK3B, and VPK classes have weekly access to our Computer Lab.
  • Super Clean Facility – “Even the air smells clean!”
  • Our Farm to Preschool component educates families on the importance of supporting local farms and empowers our students to try new foods!
  • Safety Standard: Our double entry system with biometric fingerprint technology, video monitoring system in all indoor and outdoor facilities, and comprehensive security policies ensure that your child is in the best hands at all times.
  • Our graduates have earned our school a Kindergarten readiness rate of 100%, a perfect score which highlights the prestigious academic record of our preschool program
  • S.T.E.A.M. integration at every age creates curious and inspired minds that plan, design, build, and engineer.
  • Friendly, loving and qualified staff
  • The ONLY Preschool in Miami to offer a 30 day Happy Family Guarantee (or 100% of your money back!)

Parent Testimonial:

My daughter graduated from the school this year and started Kindergarten. Going into her fourth week of her big transition, her teachers informed me that she had an outstanding base from her preschool and is reading first grade level! A Sunny Start Preschool prepared my little girl in a spectacular way! The staff is very professional and family oriented not to mention superb state of the art facility. Needless to say I highly recommend the school!

Rocky, Dad of Natalia