Traits of a Great Teacher

As we look back on our lives, there are always some teachers that stick out in our minds. Those teachers gave us confidence in our abilities and inspired us to do our best. They made school an amazing place to be.

As parents, we want our children to form those same happy memories about their own teachers. We rate schools based not on their academic rating, but on how caring and warm the teachers are. We expect teachers to be rock stars, because honestly, that’s what they should be.

A Sunny Start Preschool has a spectacular tradition of having the absolute BEST teachers around. We know what makes a great teacher because we see them at work everyday – loving on our students and giving them the wings they need to fly!

Preschool class releases butterflies
A teacher opens your eyes to the beauty of the world

“T” – T is for talented, trustworthy, and tough. A great teacher isn’t just one thing, he/ she is EVERYTHING.

“E” – E is for energy. How many times have you looked at your child’s teacher, hands and heart full, and said, “I could never chase after this many kids all day”?

“A” – A is for apples and oranges..and please and thank you. Good teachers show your child about much more than reading and arithmetic; they teacher them about good nutrition and manners, too!

“C” – C is for captain. Teachers are big leaders who make a huge difference in the world training little leaders who will one day change the world. No small task.

“H” – H is for heart. You really do need to have a huge heart to let 20 small humans occupy it’s space for a year, only to know you’ll need to say goodbye and go through the process again year after year.

“E” – E is for eloquent. Good teachers help your child acquire language naturally, by modeling proper grammar and speaking with an enhanced vocabulary.

“R” – R is for respect. Superior teachers give children the respect they need and deserve. They allow children to make choices and take responsibility for their actions. They set high expectations and expect them to be followed through.

SW miami dade preschool celebrates teacher appreciation week
Find a way to show your appreciation today!

As we wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week, we wanted to remind all of the parents out there that teachers are not to be forgotten. It’s not just about an end of the year gift or writing a thank you card, it’s about acknowledging the impact a great teacher will have on your child for years to come.

Tomorrow’s leaders are bred with a gentle nudge in the right direction, a loving hug proclaiming their self worth, and high expectations set from the very start. Thank a teacher today, for doing that and so much more!