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A Sunny Start Preschool is unique among preschools in our area. Here are some of the things that set us apart:

  • Parent Communication App! Receive Daily Update Reports and Pictures On Your Phone!
  • We offer Organic Milk with all meals
  • Secure Check In with Biometric Fingerprint System
  • School Wide iPad Integration and Computer Lab
  • Fully Certified, Nurturing Staff
  • Ultra Clean Facility
  • Hands on Approach to Learning
  • Ongoing Assessment for all Students
  • Advanced Curriculum, Our School Readiness Rate is 100!
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Providing Rich Experiences for Preschoolers

Daily life with your preschoolers is important for establishing a routine, teaching essential skills, and developing a bond with them. As parents and teachers, we are so adamant about keeping young children in a predictable routine because we want them to feel comfortable and secure. This security keeps them ready to learn new things in the context of a familiar and homey environment.

So why is it that, as parents and teachers, we get so exciting about providing out of the box, exciting activities for our little ones? If routine is so important, then why do we have the urge to break it?

Preschool students and teachers experience Miami Seaquarium

New experiences provide opportunities for scientific inquiry and real world application of skills they already know!

Th truth is that there is really only so much we can do inside the walls of a classroom. Sure, we can show them videos of the outside world, but there is no substitute for experiencing the wonders of nature in person. Technology is a wonderful tool, but we need to show our students the real deal, let them dig their toes into the sand, and use their senses to investigate the Earth.

If you live in the big city, you know that the opportunities for interacting with nature each day are scarce, and being surrounded by concrete structures is just the reality of every day life. Instead of resigning ourselves to this reality, we need to look for adventure elsewhere! We recommend straying from your typical routine at least once a month, so make plans to pack some sandwiches and have an awesome day!

Southwest Miami Dade preschool visits Miami Seaquarium

Students love new adventures, and adventures can be found close to home!

A great place to start is your local park, where you can let your little one roam free and get dirty. While the park is an awesome resource, it is important to know that outside park play should be considered a daily thing, not an out of the box activity. Children need an excursion that shakes up their routine to spark excitement and draw out a passion for learning. So what is the next step?

There are so many opportunities for experiencing nature in the big city, you just need to know where to look for them. In Miami, we have great natural resources in Key Biscayne and Miami Beach, where you can watch and interact with ocean life and experience some wonderful fresh air. The beaches, Miami Seaquarium, and Jungle Island are all places that are unique to South Florida While you can’t get to the beach everyday, you can make the trip a few times a year, discovering new adventures along the way.

Miami preschool watches dolphins jump on field trips

Ocean life is a unique resource in South Florida, tap into it!

Don’t forget that there is more to our local environment than the beach! Trips to local farms, the Everglades, and the zoo can all be intertwined into your monthly adventure schedule. Remember that bringing up children is all about balance, and the proper balance should include special nature experiences.

By giving our children the opportunity to interact with nature, we are showing them that they are a small part of a big world, filled with more wonders than they can watch on a screen!

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A little girl showing her drawing accompanied by her teacher

Parent Testimonials

  • My daughter graduated from the school this year and started Kindergarten. Going into her fourth week of her big transition, her teachers informed me that she had an outstanding base from her preschool and is reading first grade level! A Sunny Start Preschool prepared my little girl in a spectacular way! The staff is very professional and family oriented not to mention superb state of the art facility. Needless to say I highly recommend the school!

    - Rocky, Dad of Natalia
  • I love love love this preschool/daycare! Very caring and loving staff and my oldest son loves going every day! I am so excited my twins also started a few months ago, they are so happy here as well. The teachers here are amazing! They genuinely care about the students and the woman in charge of curriculum for the school is always looking for new and great ways to teach the kids. I have 3 children at this school and could not be happier.

    – Samantha T. – Mom of Mason, Logan, and Olivia
  • My grandchildren have all attended A Sunny Start Preschool and this was the only preschool they attended. Three of the four are already in Elementary School and thanks to the foundation that they developed in this school, they are students with high grades. Thank you very much to all the teachers who are always attentive and patient with children. The quality of academics that children receive at this school is evident in their success.

    - Liliana, grandmother of Xavier, Jocey, Zander, and Amanda
  • I would recommend this school to any parent searching for a preschool with an excellent curriculum. My daughter is 7 years old and attended this preschool. After graduating from Pre K she tested advanced at her current Charter elementary school. Her teachers were impressed at her knowledge and how advanced her reading was. This school helped her read and went over all the subjects she needed to prepare her for Elementary. She recently tested for gifted this year by MDCPS. This was all due to the foundation she received here. The teachers are amazing and caring. Two of my friends that had their children here also tested for gifted. I am so happy with the school, the curriculum, the teachers, and the staff and now my son currently attends A Sunny Start Preschool. I would not go anywhere else.

    - Barbie, mom of Enzo and Sophia
  • I'm happy to have found this place. The attention is the best. The teachers are the best. My children learn something new every day. I wholeheartedly say to you that every child that goes through this program comes out a winner!

    – Gladys M, Mom of Denisse and Daniela
  • I recommended A Sunny Start Preschool to all whom have children from birth to 6 & more if they would take older.  I am a proud mother of very bright and advanced children thanks to the tutelage of Teacher Carmen, Milly, Angela, & Sofia. As you can see I have had an experience with every level of teacher in the school. I have a Kindergarten boy which I am proud to say is in K- 1 in his school. For those who do not know what K-1, this is where Kindergarten students are also being taught with 1st graders. My four year old is still at A Sunny Start Preschool and she is extremely bright. The curriculum in her class is incredibly advanced and even though I hate homework she is always excited and eager to do it. She can identify words and knows her numbers this also has to do with the fact she loves her school. All this and she has not yet started VPK because of her birthday, but she will be starting come this school year. Thank you Jennifer, Carmen, Milly, Angela, Sofia & Tatiana you guys are the best.

    – Gaby, mom of Zander and Amanda
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