Supporting Learning at Home

We know many of you are looking for developmentally appropriate resources to engage young learners in your community while they are away from the classroom.

Back to School Hacks

We are back with some awesome Back to School hacks for the 2017-2018 school year! Don’t have your preschooler registered yet? You still have time! Preschools are running last minute registration specials at the moment, filling up those last minute remaining spots. Every teacher wants to start off the year with a full roster, so […]

Celebrating 4th of July at A Sunny Start Preschool

We had a great time celebrating Independence Week at A Sunny Start Preschool. You read that right, we devote an entire WEEK to honoring our amazing country, and we’d like to share some of our favorite American traditions and crafts with you!   Handprint Flags This activity is perfect for big groups of kids or […]

World’s Cutest Yearbook Reveal

We’ve got some pretty cute students at A Sunny Start Preschool. In fact, we won’t even begin to list all of the cute things our students do, because we can devote an entire series of blogs to the cuteness factor taking over Southwest Miami-Dade County. Much of our day is spent applauding our students, documenting […]

Our 2017 Graduation !

You might know a few things about our graduating class of 2017. You might know that about half of them will be tested for gifted programs over the next year. You might know that they will be attending some of Miami’s best charter, private, and community schools in a few months. You might know that […]

Life After Preschool

Your baby just graduated preschool! That makes you a bundle of pride, excitement, and nervous energy – ecstatic over your child’s accomplishments, yet apprehensive about the future. What can you look forward to after preschool? What can you do to prepare for the future? How can you calm those overwhelming feelings of anxiety? Lucky for […]

Video Games for Preschoolers?

X-Box. Playstation. 3DS. Switch. If you haven’t heard of these gaming systems yet, chances are you will become familiar with them in the coming years. Our children are growing up in an increasingly electronic (and increasingly virtual) world. Their peers and television will no doubt influence them to join the community of console users, but […]

Big Plans This Summer?

Have you tried to plan the ultimate summer for your child year after year, only to get bogged down by chores, lack of materials, and the temptation to just let your child watch tv all day? Don’t be ashamed to say yes. Summer time is a season we associate with rest. We just want to disconnect […]

Your Child’s New Teacher

It starts like any other day. You arrive at your child’s preschool, ready for another mundane Monday. Suddenly, you are awaken from your early morning daze when you walk through the doors and are greeted by an unfamiliar face. In place of your child’s caregiver is a smiling new teacher. Where has your child’s teacher […]

Traits of a Great Teacher

As we look back on our lives, there are always some teachers that stick out in our minds. Those teachers gave us confidence in our abilities and inspired us to do our best. They made school an amazing place to be. As parents, we want our children to form those same happy memories about their […]