Celebrating 4th of July at A Sunny Start Preschool

We had a great time celebrating Independence Week at A Sunny Start Preschool. You read that right, we devote an entire WEEK to honoring our amazing country, and we’d like to share some of our favorite American traditions and crafts with you!

Child care teacher and student celebrate
Happy to be free!


Handprint Flags

This activity is perfect for big groups of kids or just one active learner.

Use tempera paint and have your child press their painted hand onto a white poster board or large paper. Follow the pattern of the American flag for a truly patriotic display.

Looking for an extra sensory twist? Mix sand into the tempera paint and let your child enjoy the new texture!

Child care in 33175 engages in sensory experience
Handprint Flags are perfect for sensory fun!


Tissue Paper Crafts

Ripping and glueing are great fine motor activities to have in your preschooler’s repertoire. Combining these activities with a theme makes the task more attractive for the kiddos, so making these flags for the 4th of July was a no-brainer!

Remember that the work of the child isn’t always picture perfect, so there’s no need to freak out if the requisite 13 stripes aren’t present. At this age, it’s important to enjoy the process with your child, and to share in their pride of the finished product!

Child works with tissue paper at daycare
Tissue Paper Flags


Photo Booth

Kids love playing dress up everyday, and the 4th of July is no exception! Instead of going all out on a tailor made outfit, we’ve chosen to use paper props and popsicle sticks to show off our patriotism!

Hats and beards bring to mind the image of Uncle Sam, and while our little ones might not have familiarity with that iconic image yet, they sure do have a great time posing for silly pictures!

VPK student pretends to be Uncle Sam
Photo Boots are extra fun when they’re patriotic!

Summertime Snack

Nothing says Independence Day like a true summertime meal, and nothing beats the Miami heat like a delicious slice of watermelon!

We’ve also made different kinds of treats over the years, such as summer smoothies, red-white-and-blue fruit skewers with berries and marshmallows, and layered Jello with whipped cream. Not only are our country’s colors beautiful, it turns out they are delicious, too!

Watermelon is a summer treat at Miami daycare
Watermelons are the snack of the summer!


Color Mixing

If you want to get your younger children in on the fun, there is nothing like a roll of paper and some paint to get the creativity flowing. Simply lay out the paper and pour on puddles of red and blue paint. Encourage your child to make lines, curves, and circles in the paint. As you can see, this particular group was mostly interested in making circles, making a beautiful work of art!

Infants and toddlers paint at Miami child care
Color Mixing brings the fun to smallest patriots at the party!


Now that you’ve seen how we celebrated Independence Week, we would love to hear from you! How did you celebrate America’s birthday? Let us know in the comments and check back next week when we share more summer fun activities!