Big Plans This Summer?

Have you tried to plan the ultimate summer for your child year after year, only to get bogged down by chores, lack of materials, and the temptation to just let your child watch tv all day?

Don’t be ashamed to say yes. Summer time is a season we associate with rest. We just want to disconnect from the busyness that goes along with homework, clean uniforms, and driving around town. While we know that our kids need fun and stimulation during the summer months, we also know that our kids need some down time, so there is a natural inclination to just do nothing.

One solution to avoiding the summer slump is to enroll your child in a summer camp. I know what you’re thinking: more driving and more tuition? Why would I make those sacrifices during the summer? The benefits of having your child will outweigh your doubts, I guarantee it.

Tamiami summer camp provides swimming
Nothing says summer like swim time!

Days Full of Enrichment, Nights of Relaxation

In summer camp, children find all kids of outlets for their energy. Camp counselors plan days full of indoor and outdoor activities, so you can be sure that kids are getting their exercise. Many camps offer specialty activities such as STEM enrichment, art classes, yoga, and project based learning, so you can rest assured that your child’s mind is getting a workout as well.

All of that fun insures that your child will come home from camp ready to rest, without wearing you out in the process. You can look forward to evenings of unwinding and quiet fun with your child. If that’s not your idea of a summer break, I’m not sure what is.

Campers play golf on field trip in kendall
Anybody up for some putt putt?

Field Trippin’

In every parent’s ideal summer plan, there are built in trips to the water park, zoo, museums, and a variety of parks. In reality, you may be suffering from sticker shock when you notice that the admission fee for these locations is pretty high, especially when you are taking more than one child.

Summer camps that offer field trips included with the weekly fee provide a great value. Admission, transportation, and even lunch is included for each camper. Even better? Parents can usually tag along for a reduced fee, allowing you to make magical memories with your children during the summer.

If you haven’t found a summer camp for your child yet, there is still time. We recommend looking for camps with high safety standards and experienced, CPR-certified counselors. The perfect summer is waiting for you, summer camp is one of the ways to make the dream a reality!