Back to School Hacks

We are back with some awesome Back to School hacks for the 2017-2018 school year!

Kendall preschool VPK program
The kids are ready to get Back to School! Are you?

Don’t have your preschooler registered yet? You still have time! Preschools are running last minute registration specials at the moment, filling up those last minute remaining spots. Every teacher wants to start off the year with a full roster, so this is the time to make it onto the class list. Plus, if your child is 4 years old, they are eligible for FREE preschool, no strings attached! I suppose you can consider that your first hack…you’re welcome =]

Preschool students play in centers
Preschool means more than puzzles! You’ll need supplies, too.

For our second hack, we will turn to look at every parent’s least favorite task: Back to School shopping. To avoid the last minute panic, hang on to this top tip: the mailing list is your friend.

If you receive a newspaper at home, keep an eye out for ads from Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples. They run tons of ridiculous specials, including penny deals for composition books, paper, folders, erasers, and more. The deals change every few days, so you’ll want to be on top of those ads. No newspaper? No problem. Sign up for the mailing list online and receive the ads right on your inbox.

Day care in Miami builds project
The key to a successful project is planning…so plan your Back to School accordingly!

The big key to tackling this back to school thing is to be prepared. We’re in crunch time, so if you want to save your sanity, take heed: Get everything ready now. Fill the backpacks. Stock up on snacks. Write a note for the teacher outlining any of your child’s allergies or special needs. Make the “First Day of School” sign and save it in a handy place. Make arrangements for school pick up and after care.

You will be a bundle of nerves on that first day, and your child will be a bundle of excitement! Having everything ready ahead of time means having more time to savor those first day moments. It also reduces the chance of forgetting something crucial (We’ve all had those Oops moments!)

The countdown is on. Let’s get set for an amazing school year!